Monday, January 7, 2008

obsession du jouR~

we're obsessed with the olsens' closet. they sometimes go a bit over the limit but sometimes you can spot the hautest pieces like the chunk of bracelets or the fuR. here's a mission we have in mind: reaching the olsens, reach their closet, put together the most fabulous outfits and run away wearing them ;p
they're one the most inspirational & are fun trendsetter especially mK- we kind of have a list of a few looks, items that we obsessed over.. sometimes the trend looks so haute but the piece they chose is not that appealing. like the oversized clutches we were in love with the trend but are not fans of the miumius.
the olsens are unique, fabulous, and fabulous
here are somethings that we tried and looks that obsessed over and whatever else comes to mind from 2007. 2007 is over ;p

1.the B.I.R.K.I.N.S, birkins
2.lots of rings like on every finger.
3.the fur
4.the fur
5.the fur
6.the oversized clutches.
7.vintage fendi.
8.croc constance.
10.the nude, red lips.
11.the braids.
12.obsession with starbucks.
13.scarfs...the layering.
14.the giambatistta pink heels.
15.the rolex's men size.
16.the louboutin & the hugs they got from k'3essstuuooonn <3>
17.oversized belts.
20.rollinnngg in a g-class
21.the evening dresses.
& not to forget the fabulous Row these girls pull off any look that comes to mind and are not afraid to try & set their own trends.

ok fashionistas obsess on the list and add whatever else comes to mind it's time now to wear your overcoats it's 9,10,11degrees today *heartS have a lovelY day x"

photo credit:tfs


Anonymous said...

GO OLSENS! Their style is TOO inspirational that i sometimes wish I would turn into them, lol. Keep up these adorable posts!

in my choos said...

anonymous lol @ turning into them!! they're reallly inspirational totally agree, sure will mercii x

fashionjaw said...

haven't seen her for long time!! didn't know she changed her hair colour! looks soooooooo good on her


vogue said...

i want those victoria heels <3