Sunday, January 20, 2008


"g 52, geeeee 52" loool thats h* announcing the bingo numbers as they roll out ;p we had a games night gathering last night, everyone got their competitive edge out lol you should see them screaming "but they cheatedddd" "not faiiir" mwahahahaha love that everyone took the games seriously and wanted to win .. soooo much fun <3 <3

as soon as the guests arrived, we had them write their names on the names point board .. we started to play bingo as soon as everyone arrived <3 followed by bingo was a round of pictionary .. we told the teams to write a list of ten objects, people, or places for the other team to draw .. this is where all the screaming started ;p the most hilarious sketches came out, our favorites of which were abdulmajeed, oprah lol!! nextt up was a round of the price is right .. its a dvd play-along game where the guests have to guess prices of the items showcased, and only 2 finalists make it to the final round.. fun fun fun! after that we had a surprise for everyone lol soo exciting it felt like they were the audience at an Oprah show LOL everyone screaming "alayyyyyyyy"and trying to figure out which ones were for them <3 *drumRoLLSsss we served hot chocolate in personalized mugsss awhh how cute ;p some were sarcastic but made them laugh so muchh xx

after dinner everyone was still feeling the competition, as those who felt they don't have enough points wanted to catch up .. so we played a round of charades <3 armageddon was hilariouss LOL ;> finally, we ended the night with another round of bingoooo, with a bonus round of mega points (lol, four tinkerbell stickers ;p )

before the night ended, the 2 winners with the most points - tinkerbell stickers - claimed the grand prizesssss <3 <3

games night is suchhhh a fun idea for a gathering all you readers should totalllyyyy throw one asaP!

we're blogging from the kitchen, making cupcakes (more like designing the icing ;p ) keep tuned for tomorrow xx

niitey nite~

p.s y* - your cuz - soooo nice to see you today <3


Anonymous said...

FUUUUUUN! Looks like you had a fab night *heart* You sure know how to have fun ;)

oh my the burgers *droooollss*

Anonymous said...

your soo creative, lol ya 7a'6hum ur guests xoxxxo

ur cuz said...

GRRRRREAT seeing u guys 2!! Lookin fwd to bachir ;)
7adkum u know how to PAR-TAY!!! ee walla ya 7a'6hum ur guests...khosh going away prezzies!!!
Keep those posts coming girls...they make my day :)

pB said...

that looks like a great party!!! lol hope you guys had funnnn!!! :)

Anonymous said...

/\/ & h* u guys rock,,, Great party hosts :D

shushu said...

IM JEALOUSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and sad SO SAD!!!!! i wish i didnt leave bahrain!! :(

5asara i missed it

inshala next time :D (make it soon) :p

alah ya36eekum el 3afia...u guyz rock ee wala 9ij ya7ath-hum ur guests (K)(K)(K)

za3faraAaAna said...

You guys are so kyooooooot .. I wish i was urrr frendz walla. soo kyooot .. u must b sooo rich to afford all theez things wallah .. sooooo kyooot /\/ and h* ... i feel like i know u guyzz already. sooo kyoooot ..