Friday, January 18, 2008

what we have been up to lately.

we miss you guys >.<

omg is it only us or does the weather make you feel lazzzzyyy.. typing seems harder too;p lool but we can't help not posting :*

-some make up shopping
-indian movie night @ a friends place ~ cuteee she got some indian sweets like mattay, laddo, gulab jamun *heartS the colored circles (laddo) lookkk so tempting lol. we watched laaga chunari mein daag loved it~
-chilliiinnggggg, chilling, chilling.. lool i love the fake fireplace it makes me feel warmer * tea,tea,tea ;p
-a friend's bday*heart*
-shopping in general-when we were @ sheraton this is the first thing we said "HUUUUUUU22222" looool we saw the big orange construction covers. . . .

it's hermessss can't wait to dance with the orange ribbon ;p birkins might be sleeping there while we type *our hearts arejustskipppiinngg*

-todaayy we had a cute gathering, i can't stop staring at the prezzie cupcakes*so so so irresistible-yuumm!

bonne nuit x


Anonymous said...

ahh i love love love this post! <3 <3 fun!! and its sooooo freeezing waking up in the morning is not getting any easier ;p


ur cuz said...

I completely agree anony! Waking up in the weee hours of the morning is an absolute nightmare and they should actually have a law banning people from being anywhere a few inches away from a warm, cozy bed/sofa in this weather!
Believe me, it will NOT get any easier :(

shmily said...

love the random pics <3 and yes the weathes DOES make u lazyyy its so colllld lol,

miss u too x

Anonymous said...