Wednesday, January 2, 2008

a fabulous beginning <3

a special thanks goes out to couture cakes & razmatazz *hearTs

enjoy the pics of our small gathering xx niitey nite ~


Silver_Chardonnay said...

I'm new, but I found your blog and basically fell in love with it. I love your guys' shoes. So cute!

Mr Fur said... girls know how to party! masha Allah 3leikom well organized..and yummmy marshmallows!

nyxx said...


meyam said...

ALLAAAAH i love the pics noonnnaaa!!!!! looks like you guys had A BLAST a7la shay el piniatta wel cupcakes wel little miss madri aish booklets wel shoes wel stockings wel7AFLAH KELHAAA :p:p:p mashallahhh love love lovvvvvveeeeee it

shmily said...

amazing shots <3 a perfect way 2 start a new year

thanks for walking me thru the pics h x

in my choos said...

silver chardonnay thanks!!

nadd Allahhh with hotchoco = heaven! lol thanks!! :D

nyxxx <3 <3

meyam lol yeyyyyy anaaaasa ee we did <3 lol @ miss madri aish ;p so glad you lovedddd it gorge xx

shmily merciii gorgeousss <3 walaww you're most welcome ;p