Saturday, January 26, 2008

the extrafabuordinary.

orange. blue. ever felt like going over the limits with makeup. these looks are fabulous. crazy fabulous. its fun then fun then extravagant then over the top! but i mean where can you try this inneedofthrowingaparty*

it's all about the hair, no the lips, no the eyes it's about evvverrryyy detail! so haute~

puffy hairs. feather on eyelids. bejeweled ears

soooo in love with these looks from "ze pa'3eess coutouu'333 shoowwzz"

get together little fashionistas and JUSTTT go for the extreme slash fabulous slash insanely fun looks this spring

have yellow.turquoise.emerald.plum. dreams



M said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the new look :*

Aljoud said...

luvvvvvvlaaaay!! <3 <3
very daring very ss colors!
check Shu's eyelash creature :p

btw -- loving your new banner! fantastic work ya banat ;)