Thursday, April 2, 2009

The hills come alive!

No words will ever do this show any justice. For those of you in Bahrain, seriously do not miss The Sound of Music puppet show at the cultural hall this weekend! The tickets sold out real fast, but to those of you who didnt get your hands on tickets there will be an extra show on Saturday due to high demands!

I think everyone can say that The Sound of Music was a big part of their childhood. It is one of my all time favorite movies; from every song to every scene, I can recite it all lol! That is why I was ecstatic to hear that the puppet show was coming to Bahrain all the way from Austria! 

It was an amaaazing experience re-living all the scenes and songs. The puppet show did not seem like a puppet show - it was like the movie was playing live right infront of us. It was so real; from the incredible set, set changes, effects, and puppet movements, to the songs, it was perfect.

We got to sing and hum our all time favorite tunes, from raindrops on roses to Doh a deer; the show took us right back to our childhood, back another world I must say.

To reliving childhood memories over and over again xx


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photocred: bna


Alya said...

I saw the ads on TV, but I find these dolls creepy, so there's no way I would go to the show.

The movie is awesome and nothing can compare to that!

Anonymous said...

it was magical. loved every second of it

Bahrain Fashion said...

It was great!