Friday, April 10, 2009

Summer classics.

When it comes to the summer, ballerinas and sandals are as important as icecream. Mint chocolate chip, that is ;p & although the summer is all about bright colors, I think its time for me to inject some neutral into my wardrobe. 

Who other does classic ballerina's like Chanel?I love how seasonless these shoes look.

to chic summer days, 99p flake icecreams et al *heart





PinkChampagne said...

I <3<3 the eyecandy you posted!
nobody creates gorgeousness like Chanel xx

CuteandCuddly said...

cute i want the first one :)

Baroque said...

Dear N,

I'm all splurging on classics, but not on old-grandma shoes..

I suggest you embrace gladiators; hip, and happening yet classical rome (**history you don't have to relive)

Oh and 99p ice cream is so blase, this year its more
ice lolly-esque


Bahrain Fashion said...

Love them :)
Want them :)

Luxurina said...


ScaryToes said...

i like the ballerina flats!

Fastidious Babe said...

hot! i love chanel! <3 classy n fabulous xx

nyxxie said...

loveliness...pure loveliness <3