Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Is it just me ..

..or is nap (net a porter) selling out like crazy? I mean everything used to sell out, but to have to decide on a piece within 3 minutes or its too late? Make that 2 minutes. Lol how frantic! 

It takes two words, typed in bold and deep red, to make me really really annoyed - SOLD OUT. Ah the feeling of rejection. The feeling of wanting something but not being able to reach it. I'd then begin a worldwide search for that highly coveted item, not because I want it that much, but because I couldn't have it while others, who we may conclude are early birds, or happen to have the time difference to their advantage, can just click and buy, without any stress or 3 minute deadlines.

I think I might cross over to the dark (or is it bright?) side and join all the early birds out there. Only on Monday's and Wednesday's though ;p 

to being on top of the game, always! 




nyxxie said...

must be very annoying, not much of an online shopper ;p

Bahrain Fashion said...

Heyy in my choos,

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Yousef said...

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Alya said...

I think the more important issue here is: Do the people even think about the item before buying it?!

I mean, the second something hits the site, it gets sold out in minutes. It happened to me before. But unlike a lot of people, I like to take my time thinking about the item before I purchase it!

And by thinking time, I mean more than 5 minutes!

Luxurina said...

The worst is ordering sth from Barneys online..Yor order goes through, the charge is pending on ur cc, then 5 days later, email notice that your order has been cancelled! Not a pretty sight at all.