Friday, January 16, 2009


With the Economic downturn, and lagging markets worldwide.. We're seeing a new "Revive" phenomenon, as stylish people are strapping their belts and re-assessing their closets in search of those former glories that never did  really go out of style..

This "Revive" phenomenon has unleashed a rather feline penchant, one which had never strayed off the fashion streets.. 

"The Cat's in the Bag"; it always was. But now its back with a vengence! From Dolce and Gabbana's signature leopard print, to Cavalli's eccentric passion for everything Cat, and now to the red carpet..

Maggie Gyllenhaal dazzled the crowds in a Lanvin Paw Print ecclectic yet very retro patterned gown.. Runched to one shoulder and cinched at the waist, she stood out amidst the classic cuts and haute couture gowns. 

Move over tiger, clear way for another species of the Cat family, the mundane domestic cat, paw prints and all.

Meow? xx


P.S Thank you for your input into this post (most of it ;p) and constant inspiration to keep on blogging bbfitw. je t'adore!! xx 

photocred: barneys, luisaviaroma,browns fashion.


moi said...

i love that its one shouldered, and the print is interesting, im wearing the new LV meow:P,their leopard skin bags are amazing!

Lili3 said...

LOL I have a scarf with the same exact print!

Anonymous said...

hey.. im a fan of ur site, but i really think u should update more often...

keep up the good work girls! xx

thirty1seven said...

Yes MEOW! :D Whats great is that its a BLUE paw print gown!