Thursday, April 17, 2008


apparently, its not a faux-pas anymore! from the runway to the real world, pulling a one-color head to toe outfit may not look as bad as it sounds. not that we were ever fans of this type of look, but its starting to look glamorous ;o we have to say that it is extremely difficult to pull off a one-tone outfit and look oh so chic a la vicky, but we're not saying it cannot be done! if victoria can pull it off, so can we ;p

matchy matchy does not only mean wearing one color head to toe, it also means matching up with your bf or daughter!

lol and the matchy-matchy award goes to V, obviously ;p

photo credit: justjared, style, tfs, mystyle, iamnotobsessed, stylemens, hotbrandclub, sunglassesitalyblog, blog.baghaus


vogue said...

OFCOURSE we can pull off a one-color outfit if vicky can :P haha who are we kidding? :P

i tried the 1-tone during the winter. i wore black skinnies, a black leather jacket, black ankle boots, & a black motorcycle balenciaga bag.

don't think i pulled it off though, i'll still keep on trying :p

Fastidious Babe said...

daaaaaaaaamn she really is the mother of matchy matchy!!! lol

i wouldn't go this far though! ugh.. maybe with black.. naah.. I'd have to throw on a pair of hot pink heels or something to break the monotone!

lr said...

nice post! forgot victorias appearance on the P.R finale wearing all orange i think it was versace.. she looked amazing! the RM pink + pink birkin...hate the pics of jt, angelina, and sjp..
victoria is such a trendsetter and i love the scene she makes, shes so self conscious haha.

Glitter said...

She's MAJOR !

Anonymous said...

ok now IM TEMPTED> aaam a be (ghetto language lol)the last person on earth who could pull off the whole matchy matchy look. im typing this with PINK barbie fingers and neon yellow toes ahaha

as soon as the last rainbow bright gene in me dies. i shall dare attempt a one toned look that neednt be somber. all white is heavenly. perhaps someday!

ps. glad u girls had a blast with zanotti. he cant stop raving about our region. we rock! hehe x

nyxxie said...

I can never go all matchy matchy but nawary's right all white is yummy! <3

happy birthday nona! 3gbaal elmya
7beeeeeebty x x x

My Myriad Life said...

Yeah, if only I was Victoria Beckham! I'm interested to see if the trend will catch on around here and the effects it will have :P