Tuesday, April 8, 2008

bright sunny days.

add a pop of color to your outfit this summer, comme these to-die-for yellow ysl tributes, calvin's neon pink summery dress, or fendi's new must-have accessory: the bright oversized baguette clutch.

you can also carry around your apple of the day in a new hermes bright summer accessory: an apple holder!

to bright summery days! x

photo credit: hermes.com, tfs, styleandthecity, style


A Journal Entry said...

the dress is just AMAZING.. i want one!! =/

Baroque said...

The Hermes apple holder is tres hillarious..

I wonder how many girls are going to turn into apple fanatics so as to make it seem practical that they buy one?

Fastidious Babe said...

aah the apple holder is MAJOR lol! i mean an apple a day.. right? xD

fashy said...

i miss you girls so so so much. im living amidst a chaotic cloud..!! luv this post..and i love the apple holder i do. tres quirky! LOL

shmily said...

yeey u guyz are back!! and soo am iiii lol

am so loving the fendi clutches not just that am sooo wanting a big clutch! like now now! :(

vogue said...

to bright sunny tan-licious days with neon marni dresses! *raises glass* cheers (:

in my choos said...

a journal entry: isn't it just the perfect summer dress? x

baroque lol you're so right, i can think of sooo many as i type now ;p if i get one i'd fill it with m&ms!

fastidious babe lol! right ;p doctors will be proud! if they only knew hermes was the reason lotsss of fashionistas would suddenly cave into a healthy eating lifestyle *giggles

fashyyyyy we MISS YOUUU sooo much more!! must agree its adorable <3 <3

shmily yeyy welcome back ;p they're gorgeousssss go for them!!

vogue and neon nailpolish! cheers to that! *heartsssss