Wednesday, April 16, 2008



we met mr. giuseppe zanotti!!

we just came back from zanotti's shoe signing event *heartttt we love him even more than we already did! little mr. charming with his cute purple glasses and italian accent gave us a background about how he started this brand .. we were the first to arrive to the event, which was greattt because we were able to chat with him for quite a while .. zanotti started out at the early age of 5, drawing shoes .. at school (which he told us that he didnt really do well in ;p ) he focused on drawing .. his family was in the food industry and his father wanted him to continue in the restaurant businesses, but giuseppe followed his heart - and see where that got him now!! he got his experience from working with valentino, missoni, and dior couture .. 

zanotti kept walking around with us showing us all his different designs, telling us how he used swarovski on a gorgeous pair of summery flats .. he also told us about his popular rose flats.. he designed the shoe in mind that only as little as 50 people would buy them .. to his surprise, more that 7,000 pairs were sold and that only one lady knew how to make the roses .. he felt sorry for her for having to stay up many sleepless nights to meet the demands of fashionistas everywhere ..

mr. giuseppe then signed our shoes and drew sketches on the boxes .. we loved his personlized colored messages. we told him to write something for you inmychoos readers and so this is our gift to you ;p his gift to us was a signed polaroid of us with zanotti, adorable!

we hope you made it to the event! it was worth the hype, mr. giuseppe was extremely nice and fun, sharing a couple of laughs with him .. the staff was more than nice with us..we really really loved him, it was such a pleasure! we hope he has more events in bahrain we'd sooo love to have another round of laughs with him ..

our favorite moment: when walking into the boutique, and saying hi to z, he took a glance at our shoes and called us his little zanotti girls 

*this all happened thanks to the message, call, and mail invites we got from bahrain's boutique and the call we got from dubai.. thankssss nawarryy ;) xo


Anonymous said...


ur cuz said...

I'm soooo jealous!!!

Anonymous said...

youuuu girls are soooo luckkkyyy ^,^

couturella :)

nyxxie said...

omg soooooooo so so so so sosososososo much funnnnn mbrooooook banat :D

vogue said...


Fastidious Babe said...

FAAAAAAAAAAABULOUS!! malbooos il 3aafya girls! xx

Baroque said...

if i was you i'd totally frame them or have them on a pedestal.. do not wear them and risk his name being rubbed off!

why didn't they get him to kuwait? so jealous.

in my choos said...

anon: veryyy!

ur cuz: wish you could have made it! <3

couturella merciii xx

nyxxie merciii ya 2albiii chanzain knti weyana!!

vogue LOL if louboutin everrrr comes to visit we'll give you a heads up! promise! ;p

fastidioussss Allah ey3afeeechh miss fabulousnesss xx

baroque eee we bought them with the intention of displaying them or keeping them in their boxes where they are safe, these are the first and last pair of shoes we buy so that we DONT wear lol! ;p and he should have been to kuwait! do you have a zanotti boutique? he flew in to bahrain from dubai.

My Myriad Life said...

3 words- love. your. blog!

keep up the great work!

Baroque said...

no, come to think of it madree who stocks Zanotti in kuwait.. have to look that up xx