Saturday, April 26, 2008

time to throw a party ;p

with the weather already reaching the 35's, and the sun glaring on B-town, everyone is craving a TAN! what better way to soak up the sun with your favorite girls gathered around the pool for a summer party <3>

photo credit: nap


Baroque said...

i love the long sun dresses, but they are not khaleej-material, u have to put a cardigan on them (which makes them look disgusting),

bs i saw this girl in jam3a wearing one with a tee underneath, i would have cringed just imagining it, but u know what it kinda looked cute.. xx

whats ur take on that?

nyxxie said...

anasa shawagtoony 7ag elshams ;p

Fastidious Babe said...

i love pucci this summer! I WANNA HAVE A POOL PARTY PRONTOOO XD

btw.. ive been looking for those lous in blue but they come in black et nude in UAE! :(

vogue said...

nothing screams summer more than pucci and missoni!!

in my choos said...

baroque, bl3aksss we'd pair them with cardigans <3 a very light one, it looks fab! and did last summer, gorgeous! can't imagine how it would look with a tee ;x

nyxxie come backk ;p

fastidious their ss collection is fab! order online! ;p

vogue, 9a7 elsanech lol ;>