Saturday, March 14, 2009


Cigarette skinnies, super light wash, slightly worn out. This post is a dedication to my sis ;p she inspired me to study whether or not this might be an emerging trend (actually I was browsing online for inspiration of the wearablity factor of these jeans.) You see, two summers ago, I let go of blue jeans. A year later, I slowly started to introduce jeans back into my daily intake (in small, dark dosages, that is.) & now, I find myself quite confused - not knowing whether I should get a pair of love worn light jeans a la 80's.

As I was google-readering away, I found two photos of the same girl wearing the same jeans on different blogs, I think she's all the inspiration I need! 

How chic?


P.S Baroque, you are WAY to adorable for your latest post featuring inmychoos! I'm beyond flattered! je t'adore! xx

photocred: garance & sartorialist


- F said...

omgosh! They look gorgeous! A must-have! B.t.w I'm so lovin' the blazer trend so chic <3

Anonymous said...

i still believe the 80's and early 90's were one of the worst fashion faux-pas ever! i don't get why people would want to go back to big hair, neon colors, blazers (even though the ones out today are much better than the ones back then),,, and worst of all... shoulder pads! i don't easily adapt to things,,, but this time i don't think i'll catch on to the trend....
as for jeans... i still adore my skinnies, in dark colors... x

Anonymous said...

<3 you!