Monday, March 9, 2009

Fashion is art.

The question as to whether or not fashion is considered art has been debated for decades now. I have always believed in fashion as an art; like other arts, fashion is a media that translates an individual's expression to the world. 

I will leave debating "fashion is art" in terms of the industry to be argued by experts. But as a fashion-enthusiast, I wince at the mere mention of the "superficiality" of the industry. What makes it superficial? Well, obsessing about it one might say? But would you label someone working in the fashion industry as superficial? Or fashion followers? I am really keen to know. 

To me, fashion is a way of express oneself. It is a "non-verbal cue" of telling people who you are, kind of. Most importantly though, it is seriously fun. I really enjoy looking at people who are aesthetically fashionable. They dress for themselves, and dress up not to impress others but because they enjoy doing so. Its saddens me to hear many people who may or may not have their reasons and arguments, simply label fashionable people as "superficial". Fashion is supposed to be fun! Boo the party poopers away lol. 

The latest episode of Ugly Betty (which was hilarious) inspired my post. In defending itself, Mode Magazine's representative argued that Mode cannot be exempt from help because it is "merely a fashion magazine", but should be regarded as an important part of New York's economy. 





Baroque said...


Lisa said...

a) women have been adorning themselves since the dawn of time

b) i'm always amused when i come across a group of people who regulary converse about how they stay away "from fashion" and have no time for trends... yet they all seem to follow a trend, whether it be for dreadlocks and hairy legs, or whatever... there is no person who has not been influenced by fashion, whether it be haute couture or just their peers. Its fashion.

Love your blog by the way!

Salama said...

I guess fashion is art but people don't really realize it. Seriously, its all about aesthetic appearance. Beauty. How can it not be considered an art!
Also it's a multi-gazillllllion dollar business that really influences peoples opinions of us.

btw i loved the scene where justin is singing *money makes the world go round* lol so adorable... and the setting he was filmed at... sooooooooo new york city!!!

Limited said...

fashion IS art

full stop.

Fastidious Babe said...

why didnt i see this post earlier? ofcourse fashion is art! from textures to patters to cuts and linings.. the design and the inspiration.. <3

i loved that episode too btw x