Wednesday, March 11, 2009

In Marie's Louboutins!

Christian Louboutin has launched a limited edition pair of Louboutins inspired by Marie Antoinette. Along with the pretty hefty price tag ($6,000+) comes a booklet with the construction details of the heels. Only 36 pairs were made and are now being sold at Louboutin's Madison Ave. boutique. 





Anonymous said...

Absolutely Gorgeous!!

Anonymous said...

those heels speak for them self

they will cause traffic

love you

Even Sweeter said...

those Louboutins screams beauty "sigh" I love it...


Petite Feerie said...

mmm i'm not so sure abt those shoes.. maybe on the runway it looked better

but not for me

- F said...

I think their just runway pieces .. I kinda think they're fugly! >.< The baby pink one though is kind of acceptable? hmm

Anonymous said...

eww no they are not pretty!

Alya said...

Ok, now I want one! But even if I had zillions, I wouldn't buy a shoe that cost that much!

Unless I buy it as a piece of art, and not to wear it..

Luxurina said...

I don't really like them..they seem too gaudy, except maybe the nude satin ones.