Sunday, March 15, 2009


Fabulous readers,

I would like to share with you an opportunity to join a fabulous project, Khaleejesque. I got an email request to join the fabulous clique, and would like to pass it on to those who are interested!



“Khaleejesque”, a reflection of the Gulf transformed into an online magazine is a one click portal that features everything there is to know about the Gulf, what’s bubbling in the waters, what’s getting singed in the sun, where the gang is loitering at today, and what all the girls in the mall are carrying now. Okay, not so much mainstream, but a fairly accurate indication of everything that’s going on.   

We will cover the latest restaurants, fashion, boutiques, spas, art galleries, exhibitions and include special features and editorials; basically an inside scoop of everything “Khaleeji.” 

But to do all that, we need you- fellow bloggers, freelancer writers/photographers; basically people who like writing, know how to write, and are willing to write short articles, cover events, and contribute to “Khaleejesque.” 

If you’re up for it, drop us a line at, with a CV (don’t freak out, we’re not asking you to professional, just tell us if you’ve had any freelance or writing experiences) and preferably a copy/example of anything you’ve written recently, and no supermarket lists don’t cut it;  send us blog posts, a couple of paragraphs, anything that shows that you can put sentences together.


The Khaleejesque Staff"


- F said...

I got the e-mail as well! I was so flattered! Looks like a great project but unfortunately I'm just too busy ;(

nyxxie said...