Friday, October 17, 2008

diaries of a chai-aholic ;p

من أقوال أم سعيد
لي مر الزمان و ترك في قلبك حزن و ذنوب، صب لك شاي كرك و زيد الشكر في الكوب 

Got the um s3eed quote forwarded on my bb email whilst sipping tea and i couldn't agree more ;p nothing beats a fabulous cuppa tea xx dedicated to everyone who shares the love lol!



Baroque said...

Anything diluted in milk is amazing!

And now I know why I adore you! Xx

Milk-lovers rejoice!

Emaratioryx said...

I love this quote + chahi 7leeb
(good thing the weather is getting cooler :D )

nyxxie said...

yummy <3