Monday, October 27, 2008

brownie points for Lim.

This smiley is the epitemy of adorableness. The cliche "smile, its contagious" is totally applicable with this smiley lol, it smiles at me, I smile at the world, which smiles back too! I have this exact pouty smiley on a t-shirt; the tee brings back the fondest memories. First, I ordered it whilst sipping a latte and giggling/not really whispering avec sis and friend in one of my last classes in senior year - it was one hilarious class I tell you ;p it is also reminiscent of the many walks we took in the park, the laughs and lattes we shared. I simply adore it! 

Now comes the bag version! & get this, Phillip Lim is giving them out for free when you shop at his boutique in NY. How charming! A very, very chic way to go green! 

Lim is simply wonderful xx 




Baroque said...

a pouty smiley! xx

nyxxie said...

adorable <3

Sham3at Al Jillas said...

So cute! But is it a smile? I find it more of a pout.