Monday, September 22, 2008

random fashion notes x


* MW leaves Emilio Pucci. Goodbye Matthew, hello Peter Dundas? 

* Must have black lipgloss - taking fall's "vamp" look to literal levels .. would you dare? YSL's black lipgloss sold out its first batch as expected, but YSL beauty online stocked back. Tres interested to try it out just for the sake of it ;p Must admit that this runway trend should be left where it belongs. I did spot one SA at Selfridges sporting glittery black lips and it was not a pretty sight. Selfridges has a waiting list for Lancome's glittery black lipgloss, which comes in a box set with the much anticipated "Phia Red" shade, available in November. I'd much rather stick to my purples this fall. Check out Armani's latest plum lipsticks released for fall - delightful! A gorgeous match to our favorite fall nail color - essie's wicked. 

*Its the time of the year when everyone goes ga-ga over LV's Stephen Sprouse cashmere leopard scarf - this season, they come in gorgeous violet and grey! To those of you willing to hunt them down, get your name on the list! totally not in the mood to wait/nag for one lol so 3alaikum bl 3afya dear world ;p 

*Umm, shoulder pads making a comeback? eek! TFS notes down this trend as an emerging one on the SS09 runways. Niiii-iiice. 



photocred: TFS, style,, ELLEuk


Anonymous said...

Black lipgloss being sold to the public..... and ending up sold out... people are really going MAD lololol.. just like u said... these trends belong to the runway w bass

and I have that Louis Vuitton scarf I got it this summer... awal ma shftah I just haaaaaad to have it.. al though i rarely buy designer scarves,,, this I had to have.. its so beautiful! the colors especially i loved <3

Baroque said...

black lip gloss: a no-no anyday, anytime, anywhere..

what do you do with shoulder pads if u already have prominent shoulders?

designer scarves and all that is not so appealing to moi, i go shatoosh anyday, even though i've seen the last summer LV one on this girl and it looked good, maybe il "aalib 2alib" ;***

nyxxie's said...

what has happened to the world when a black lipgloss is sold out? .............. :o

Wafaya said...

Balck lipgloss huh? Just in time for Halloween I guess =P
I anticipated the madness over the LV scarves thatt's why I got both colors in the summer..
Overcompensating for missing out on the first-released grey/tan combo =(


the Louis Vuitton scarf is a master piece of course <3 & i think black l/s is a too harsh rocked tred that no body shld go for! ;s -if they want to turnaround "dark gothic" to "pretty" that will never be the case here.. i mean, arab girls will never walk on the street with such color! we are too classy to do that {alhamdulleah!} ;p

btw, i knew that it was you N mn awal kelma :)

Anonymous said...

I don't think i'd ever try that black lipgloss, black nails are enough for me hehe !.. I love thaat scaaaarf!! i think im gonna add my name to the list i want it now!! ..

Delicately Realistic said...

Wicked is my favourite shade!!
O i would not be caught dead in a black lipstick....i wish it suited me but it looks horrendous on me!

N said...

i am crazy abt the LV Scaref! specially after i saw it on MK.. Dark lipstickt great for winter but black!! i dont know! and yeah u have to check out YSL grey nailpolish FABOLOUS

Mme.Monstre said...

seriously ? black .. !! la w it sold out .. i think they are fashionblind.. they just go with the flow .. in this case.. it is the wrong flow .. lol .. and shoulder pads .. i think they should go back to where they came from .. no one needs them !