Friday, September 12, 2008


Here's what's new!!

Want to chic up your outfit? Layers have the most fabulous ad-ons!!!

It's a new brand that's gonna go global!'

And these oh so chic naqda gloves are going fast! !

Lucky me I got my hands on them before they hit the stores ;p I love it! Tres haute <3>

For info & orders contact :


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sourire said...

Ahh I want! I like the black one.

Do they happen to deliver to Kuwait?

pB said...

I like!!! I saw someone wearing it last week and I thought what a trendy touch! love the naqda!!

gossip girl xoxo said...

cool this is so creative i have to email them NOW thanks H*

Anonymous said...

Wow they look so original! Would looooove to have a pair, thanx for the info!

Living Lights said...

yay got them 2 weeks ago :D like the black one but in nude :D luv it <3


Anonymous said...

They should consider an online store. My two cents worth.