Sunday, September 14, 2008

be still my heart!

Louboutin strikes again! Collaborating with Phillip Lim for Lim's SS09 collection, he captures our hearts with these oh-so-fabulous ruffle shoes he sent down the runway. Hello lover! -Lovers, in this case ;p

This month's a high for all fashion devotees out there, with Bryant park sending models down their runways donning this season's fabulous pieces as I type. Its fashion week again! For those of you doing their homework, you must have already gone ga-ga over Marc, Marchesa, and everything nice ;p Im guilty myself for staying up on the night of Marc's show, waiting for photos as they were posted live from the runway; they totally gave me a high! (Uhh actually, I didnt really stay up solely for Marc's show, with my Ramadhan sleeping habits et al ;p but you know what I mean!) 

On another note, Bahraini fashionistas rejoice as Moda Mall welcomes Villa Moda, where Marni and Dries Van Noten reside ever so chic-ly. The interior itself is worth the visit! 

xoxo, N.



nyxxie said...

omg whats up with the shoes :O
toooooo much drama for me!
nonaaa where've you been ? even disappeared from my bb life? :(

Anonymous said...

well hellooooo lover. thats what i'm talking about ;)

Baroque said...

i'm loving the ruffly python sandals..
why can't they just invent instant fashion or something?
i want the shoes now, at the rate the heat is at, i think we'll be living in sandals till next summer xx

Zabo0o6a said...

loved the flat version..

Delicately Realistic said...

Number 2 and 3 are to die for ;>

Anonymous said...

the third one is h-o-t! too bad the summer's almost over..

cheekbones. said...

oh noora don't even talk to me about marchesa ;p you can't imagine how many times I refreshed style's webby at work until they finally uploaded the presentation <33
& you know what happened after!

the coral philip lim's are too cute.

dries! ohmy <3 how is the selection?