Monday, February 11, 2008

J Boutique

it's not possible not owning a "jboutique" bag.
i can't remember bahrain before J. ohmygod it totally raised the standard of bahrain's fashion status. so so fashion forward. it surely lowered the numbers of suitcases we have to fly in every summer from shopping abroad. and you don't need to wait another 5 - 7 days for your package to arrive from other online boutiques because J have all the latest and chic-est most fabulous designer outfits.

we can't brag enough about all the variety of designers both well known and upcoming. they're always the first. where can we find louboutins? at J. where can we find marc? at J. where can we find matthew,stella,zac, dior, and.. and... and.. ? at J.

we owe them this post&more. because this is how it goes when any occasion/event comes up all fashionistas rush to J. that's exactly what we do. event=j occasion=J.

a life saver!

we're loving the layout of their site and we think they should start a magazine- that would be fabuloussssss!

visit J at Sheraton Complex and its newly opened boutique in Al A'ali Mall. we drop by every few days or so - it really is a fashionista's place to be. Its our favorite boutique ever, like seriously ever.

to those of you who wont be visiting Bahrain soon, use J as an excuse! Fly in! but if you really really can't, then visit their website and shop online at



crimson said...

ahanee il bahrain 3la il m7l..mara zain..its cheaper than europe..

Fastidious Babe said...

Was telling a friend today that i should go to bahrain sometime soon! JUST the excuse it needed xx

luuluu said...

e wallah 9dagtaw!! ;)