Tuesday, February 12, 2008

dreaming of ..

did any of you watch the christian louboutin episode on oprah yesterday? he sadly could not make it personally to the show but the [no word can describe their fabulousness] shoes that were shown by the models on the show were a way of making up lou's absence.
can't stop daydreaming about the moment we're waiting in line to get christian's adorable signature and doodling on the shoes we choose. ahh we're getting heart-attacks at the mere thought of the whole thing [*sigh] the signed shoes would definately be showcased at home in their own glass display with a photo of us with louboutin inside - oh my!
to those of you who want to join us on our trip to meet louboutin, never underestimate the power of dreaming ;p use all you've learned from The Secret and its power of its attraction, and you never know .. maybe our wishing power combined will make louboutin wake up one morning and say that he's craving a trip to Bahrain lol! ;)
here are a few lucky fashionista's who got a chance to get their red soles cutely drawn on .. we're as green-as this stunning pair of louboutins- with envy ;x

photo credit: the fashion spot


Fastidious Babe said...

*closes eyes and wishes Dubai is on louboutin's to do list sometime soon*

fashionjaw said...

luv his shoes! and yes i might join you as well lol

shmily said...

hmam innnnnnn =) therez no harm in dreaming