Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Givenchy Fall 2009 Couture: hommage to the Middle East.

A whole collection paying hommage to the Middle East? Why thank you Riccardo Tisci, we're so flattered ;p

Models dressed like Beduin Queens in black & white chiffon robes paraded down the runway to nomadic karkabou tunes. Inspiration came from North African Queens as well as the Middle East. Models wore "Arabic headgear", hoods, and snoods, and were jeweled in gilded armors, gold cuffs, and metal rings. The overall beauty look consisted of bare faces and slick jet-black hair semi-covered in chiffon veils.

The monochrome collection was accentuated with two contrasting silhouettes: sensually harem and sharply tailored. Flesh-colored crepe gowns stood out quite dramatically.

Im in awe: couture-struck.

N xx

photocred: fashionologie


serenade said...

i'm loving all the middle eastern influences, but it's just too bedouin for me...

cheekbones. said...

karlie kloss' veiled PANTSUIT was genius non?
flawlessly executed collection, makes the other hc's this season seems vry bland in comparison ;p

Bahrain Fashion said...

This collection is both inspired and inspirational. Really!! XD

- F said...

Loves it but I think that was just too much gold on the "bedouin queen's" face too distracting!



Alya said...

I want that gold headpiece/facepiece! If only to wear at a masquerade or something..