Thursday, December 4, 2008

Who should dress the First Lady?

Designers presented Michelle Obama sketches of the gown she will eventually be wearing for the Inauguration ball. What's your favorite pick?

Elie Tahari

Peter Som


Oscar De la Renta

Marc Jacobs

Monique L'huillier



Carolina Herrera



Betsey Johnson



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BeBe said...

betsy johnson has the cutest dress but i think she should go for chanel

Anonymous said...

I choose Oscar De la Renta or Monique L'huillier

nyxxie said...

I vote Elie Tahari & Oscar de la renta

Baroque said...

peter som!
very jackie O xx
*Hk kisses*

thirty1seven said...

Monique L'huillier to make a grand entrance!! but you can't go wrong with a chanel too :)

Anonymous said...

i vote for Elie Tahari & DVF :) -Vogue

ting said...

DVF and Carolina Herrera are pretty too.

haha fancy post :o)

F.Y said...

dvf, its fit for a presidents wife imo &) fun post cherieee xoxo

Anonymous said...

Elie Tahari & Oscar De la Renta!

Fastidious Babe said...

elie thari, dvf or odr!

Aljoud said...

elie tahari or oscar de la renta.
they're the yummiest of them all! <3

ZuZu said...

Elie tahari & Carolina Herrera ;D oo oscar de la renta hm niice ;p

Dandoon said...

oscar de la renta or carolina herrera!

Boochi said...

My choice would be Oscar or Marc Jacobs!

Alya said...

I think the Elie Tahari suits her well.. But I like the colors of the Oscar more..

Btw, aren't those Lacroix ones so fierce? Imagine her wearing them to the ball! Shocking! (in a good way)

Mavericks in motion said...

We're loving Elie Tahari and Monique L'huillier!

Single & Fabulous said...

I loved Peter Som's ! So Audrey Hepburn !