Sunday, December 28, 2008

Über-chic "just because" gifts*

*Teddy bear shaped marshmallows dressed in chocolate by Sonia Rykiel make an adorable gift to the sweet tooth in your life - the bow tie is killing me! <3 

*5 Euro Coin designed by Karl Lagerfeld for the 125th anniversary of Chanel, which will definitely be sentenced to the piggy bank for life. 

*The cutest t-shirts poke sarcastic fun at the current financial crisis:

Karl, Marc, and John adoooooore the crisis. (it sold out)

The crisis and I are pals on facebook

happy giving! 


via colette.


- F said...

The chocolate! *gasps* I want some now!

nyxxie said...

cute stuff luv :*

BeBe said...

im in love with the teddy bears they look yummy :P

cheekbones ;p said...

omg facebook buddies! lolol <33

Baroque said...


Aljoud said...

I waaaaant the 5 euro coin!! <3 and those chocolates are to die for!!! <3

Fastidious Babe said...

i got the marshmallow bear from collette! mmmm i miss paris!

have a wonderful year girls x

Alya said...

I love Sonia!!

Anonymous said...

mnwayn agdar ashtery hal shirtS?