Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The One Hundred.

Nina Garcia's new book, The One Hundred, is a "guide to the pieces every woman must own". Its a really colorful illustrative book with the cutest sketches and pointers. It's a quick fun read but won't really tell you anything you don't know ;p 

Here are a few of my favorite picks: 

What are your staple items? The items you believe you must own?

toodles! xx



Nova said...
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hikako said...

a fabulous grey coat.

Spur said...

interesting book:D
i never heard of it before.. im gonna read the book reviews now

Zahra said...

Hehehe I wrote a post about my fave cashmere sweater yesterday!

My must-have item is a pair of sexy black heels. They're versatile, for work and play ;)

Alya said...

I could write a "One Hundred Favorite Things" too! I don't think a Blackberry should be included because its a fad, and something that will be replaced with a newer technology.

Anyway.. hmm.. My must-have items are jeans (whichever style suits me), a white t-shirt, black heels, a black dress.. the list goes on :)


waww. luvlaay sketches! now I have to have this book *luvv*

My must-have items:
*Statement shoes.
*platinum solitaire ring to be wear day & night.
*A great Perfume Wardrobe.
*Pearl stud earrings for day.
*Diamond stud earrings for night.
*high-waisted pencil skirts <3
*Balenciaga shirts.
*A wardrobe full of abayas to suites different occasions.

It's countless actually.. *lool!

Meticulous said...

thats so funny i bought that book a few weeks ago its cute.. !

- F said...

Must-have items:

Classic black louboutins
Chanel Red lipstick
Chanel 2.5
Over-sized clutch
Skinny jeans so tight they hurt! :P
Button up white shirt
Tory Burch flats
Marc Jacobs Stam bag
Balenciaga City Bag
NARS Blush
Over-sized sunglasses

omg and the list goes on!