Friday, May 15, 2009


My thoughts are everywhere lol so bear with the randomness ;p

*It takes one photo to spark inspiration, stunning! 

*since we live on an island, why aren't kaftan's popular? lol

*maybe a pair of liberty for nike will make me superfast in my spinning class? like spinach to Popeye?

*something about this "fabulous flats" feature reminded me of a bingo sheet: get a whole row right and perhaps win them all? Or maybe it looks like a calender? for you to mark each off once you get? lol! all i know is i want them all!!

*I'm quite the daydreamer: its currently 8:53 am in class, and I am imagining suddenly leaving class to catch a plane to Paris, have breakfast (more like indulge in decadent chocolat chaud) at Angelina's, discover every corner, smell the Printemp flowers, shop shop shop, and hit the movies to watch "Coco avant Chanel". Ah! 

I know, very very random post. I don't have time to unjumble my thoughts this early in the morning ;> have a great day!

xx N.


cheekbones. said...

how i miss your random musings.
more please.

Anonymous said...

Paris et chocolat chaud avec moi, non?
Plus qu'une semaine! ;)

Baroque said...

oui anonymous thy graduate
plus moi aussi!
mais je voudrais une latte pas du chocolat chaud!

N- I love your random daydreams, take me with. But scratch the liberty sneaks, and keep them for "jalabeeyas." xx